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Have Some Dignity — Or Else

My friend Kirk is a tough guy.  After lettering as center on the state championship team when a junior, during football two-a-day practices our senior year, Kirk kept practicing even though his side hurt, and it turned out that he was playing with a ruptured appendix and ended up in the hospital. 

Kirk was the second oldest of six children, with three younger brothers.  All of his brothers were good athletes too, including a college wrestler.  When his youngest brother started kindergarten, he had a reputation to uphold. 

At the dinner table after his first day of kindergarten, someone asked Kris how school was.  He replied, “Well, some kid got beat up on the playground.”

His mother said, “Oh, that is terrible.  That poor little boy!”

One of his brothers inquired, “Who beat him up?”

Kris admitted, “I did.”

“Why did you do that?” asked another brother.

Kris had a perfectly valid explanation.  “He was running around and stuff and it bothered me.”

Kris had learned that it is important to be cool.  If you are not cool, beware of where Kris draws the line.

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