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Beau’s Stubborn New Friend

burro head
Beau, our Yellow Lab who has been the subject of many posts, does not like change. He likes routine. He tells us when we are not following his preferred routine. He barks when it is time for (his) breakfast and supper. He barks when we wait too long to let him in at night. He does not tolerate fools gladly. He encourages living a disciplined life, such as his own. He looks down at us from a position of superiority.

He notices change. The cows have been moved to winter pasture and in their place, two new horses and a burro are in the meadow below our house, across the river. He has seen both the horses and burro before. They belong to the adjoining ranch. Beau does not approve. He wants them to stay away from our boundary fence. Cows are okay with Beau, but horses and a burro are too much for him. That is where he draws the line. Or tries to.

The burro, unlike more skittish creatures, such as antelope (pronghorns), does not react the way Beau wants it to react. He wants it to leave. Instead, it just looks at him and even smells him. It will not be bullied. I know a trainer who halter breaks colts by tying them to a burro because it does not give into the colt. It drags the colt around. The colt has to learn to give in to the burro, who is more stubborn than any horse. Apparently, this burro is not impressed with Beau, which is very hard on Beau’s self-esteem. Still, like the colts, he must learn that if you can’t beat ’em, join em. So he did.
beau and burro by bridge
Beau and burro

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