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On Stopping In Woods on a Snowy Morning

My wife went for a walk this morning as the snow was coming down. She took all these photos. Note the camouflaged creatures.

Red-Tailed Hawk
Great-Horned Owl
Camouflaged Colorado Barn Cat
snow cat
Two-Toned Colorado Barn Cat

Camouflaged Cat

The cat formerly known as Simba has been re-named.  It really does not look like a lion, such as its original namesake. 

Its fur is more like camouflage such as other hunters wear. See below. Its new name is Camo.
It is almost eatingThe better to sneak up on Beau’s food dish.Pussy

Sheik of the Sheets


Beau likes to sit under the clothesline, viewing his vast domain.  Sugar thoughtfully decorated the clothesline in a manner suitable for Beau’s station in life.  His Royal Highness selected green satin sheets on which to lounge.  He arranged his headpiece himself.

Maybe he thinks the birds can’t see him.  Notice that he is parked beneath bird feeders.  After all, he is a bird dog.

Camouflage is okay for the general public, but classy hunters prefer silky satin sheets — in green, of course.


Rover the Friendly Ghost


We miss Rover.  A joyful creature while with us, I do not worry about his place in Heaven.

Rover, the hunter, enjoyed a natural camouflage.


His ability to blend into his surroundings causes me to imagine that I see him out of the corner of my eye.


Maybe I do.  Maybe he visits sometimes.


He certainly visits my thoughts.  And he is always in my heart.

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