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Mortal Frenemies

mortal enemies (2)

Our puppy Gus apparently subscribes to the sentiment behind the immortal words of Will Rogers, “I never met a man I did not like.”

Gus believes that no one has ever met him who will not like him, including our cat, Camo.  Camo deserves credit for being tolerant of the puppy.  Sometimes.



On Stopping In Woods on a Snowy Morning

My wife went for a walk this morning as the snow was coming down. She took all these photos. Note the camouflaged creatures.

Red-Tailed Hawk
Great-Horned Owl
Camouflaged Colorado Barn Cat
snow cat
Two-Toned Colorado Barn Cat

Spoiled Cats

cats on hike

Miss Sugar goes overboard in every endeavor.  Most recently, she provided to our barn cats what no other barn cat in the history of the world has ever possessed — a heated blanket in a box, which is elevated on a platform, which is accessed by a ramp, which is in a stall in the barn, and because it is in a stall, requires an extension cord from the electric blanket in the stall to a GFI plug twenty feet away.  Also on the platform, which prevents trespassing by dogs, who cannot go up the narrow ramp, nor under the stall door, there are food bowls, in which she puts formerly dry food which has warm water added to make it more appealing.

Sometimes I feed the cats.  Unlike Sugar, I put some dog food in their bowls.  No, I do not bring warm water from the house to the barn.  So call the Humane Society.  They will give Sugar an award and me a citation which I will vigorously defend by calling as defense witnesses several neighboring ranchers who will describe that I am complying with the standard of care for barn cats.

Pasture Protectors

While I was in Cheyenne having breakfast with my cousin, Tom, Miss Sugar went out to catch a horse in our pasture. We have a good system — if you catch one horse, the others follow. Instead of me helping her, she had plenty of other companions — two yellow labs and a cat. Simba and Beau

Yes, one of our cats, Camo, likes to go on hikes with us. He also helps me get the horses. Sometimes they are a mile away. One of the horses, Woody, is interested in cats. He puts his head down by them and follows them. I worry that Woody might trample one, but so far that has not happened.
woody and cat

Beau, the male Lab, and Sadie, are more likely companions. It turns out that it was good they went along. Beau anyway.

Sugar told me when I got home that as she went through the gate between the small pasture into the big pasture, something stealthily came out of the tall grass. It was a coyote. It swiftly charged to within four feet of Sugar, which was very alarming, of course. Camo was walking close to Sugar’s legs and was likely the target of the coyote, who wanted to snatch the cat and run off with it. That was a frightening moment for Sugar and Camo, but there was no need to worry because the heroes were there to save the day.

Who are the heroes? Beau and Woody!

Sugar described that Beau quickly sized up the situation and ran to the rescue. The coyote had to decide whether to continue toward the cat and Sugar, or head for the hills. It chose to head for the hills, or, actually, for the trees by the river.

It did not get far into its retreat when Beau caught up and bit it on its hindquarters. It yelped and kept going. Sugar called Beau to come to her and, thankfully, he did.

Then Woody took over. Woody is a buckskin Quarter Horse from cutting horse breeding, which means he has the instinct to “hook on” to cattle as they move. Good cowhorses are “controlling,” making cows go where the horse’s rider intends. Woody, however, does not limit himself to cattle. Nor does he require a rider. Remember how he follows the cat? In another post I wrote about him chasing pronghorns (antelope), the fastest land animals in North America, and keeping up.

Woody chased that coyote right out of the pasture. The critter escaped being trampled when he ran under a barb wire fence.

Beau and Woody, together, saved Camo and Miss Sugar from that mangy coyote, and I am right pleased that they did. 3amigos

Camouflaged Cat

The cat formerly known as Simba has been re-named.  It really does not look like a lion, such as its original namesake. 

Its fur is more like camouflage such as other hunters wear. See below. Its new name is Camo.
It is almost eatingThe better to sneak up on Beau’s food dish.Pussy

Mistaken Identity

I have written previously about acquiring a cat who disappeared for nearly four months.  Then my wife, Sugar, saw a photo of a cat at the post office.  Someone had found a cat and was looking for its owners.  Sugar recognized it as our cat and we went to retrieve it.

I don’t believe it is our former cat.  Sugar says that it is. 

The cat we now have looks a lot like the cat we lost, but with one difference, which is a difference that I consider significant.  The cat we retrieved is an un-neutered male.  The cat we lost was allegedly a spayed female.  Sugar has decided that was a mistaken description.  She thinks we were misinformed originally when we “rescued” the cat we first had. 

Whether or not this is a case of mistaken identity, the cat is here and I will just shut up.

the cat

In previous blogs I have described my wife’s soft heart.  Well, here she goes again.  Miss Sugar went to the vet’s office with our dogs and came home with a cat. 

Apparently, the cat was in a cage in the lobby with a sign on the cage about its need for a new home.  The story written about the cat was that it had been one of several in an apartment.  An elderly man who owned the cats did not neuter them, which resulted in litters of kittens.  He has been diagnosed as suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.  A daughter of his from out of town discovered the situation and rescued the cats. 

So Miss Sugar brought a cat home.  We have had cats before.  Those were known as “barn cats.”  They came and went as they pleased.  They were not afforded the benefit of Christian burial. 

This cat does not reside in the barn.  Presently, it resides in a screened porch equipped with a toilet facility, food, water, and a brand new special kitty bed selected by Miss Sugar.  When cold weather arrives, I wonder if it will move into the house.  As I understand the line of command, that particular decision is not within my limited jurisdiction.

The cat has a name, I just don’t recall it as of this writing.  Let’s say it is Simba. 

Simba is fortunate to have met Miss Sugar.  Things would have turned out differently for it if I had been the one taking the dogs to the vet clinic.

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