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Eagles and Other Creatures

Let me tell you about my day.  I was pleased and I was, well, displeased by my interactions with some of God’s creatures today.

I wonder if any of you folks reading this were within 50 feet of two eagles today.  I am pleased to report that my wife and I had that experience.  Wow!  We were thrilled.

We were minutes from our ranch gate, less than a mile from home, on our country road, when we noticed two big birds perched on a fence.  As we approached, we saw the unmistakable white head of a male Bald Eagle. Next to him was his more drab mate.  I would say something about males being more beautiful than females except I caught a glimpse of my image in the mirror and it does not compare well with the appearance of Sugar, my much prettier mate.

Where we live, it is not unusual to see eagles and hawks soaring high in the sky, but we have never been so near to eagles, nor seen them so close to the ground.  Before Sugar could grab her camera, they flew away, so you will have to just take my word for it.

Hours later, we got home after dark.  Sugar set out to wrap Christmas packages.  As she got organized, Beau, our Yellow Labrador Retriever, brought her a role of tape.  She thinks he knew that she needed tape.  She thinks he is helpful.  She thinks he is extraordinarily smart.  What a great dog!

What a great dog?  Minutes later, we heard a crashing sound coming from the kitchen.

I went in there to investigate.  What to my wondering eyes did appear, but a dog eating cookies and fudge which had landed on the floor after somebody, and I ain’t saying who, knocked a pan off the stove.  It was not Sugar, as I can vouch for her since we were in the dining room, and she can vouch for me, as I was in that same room.  Who are the suspects?  Well, Sadie, our female Lab, could have knocked the pan and fled, possibly, but the circumstantial evidence points to Beau.  He was standing above the pan.  He was eating out of it.  I am thinking that he had the motive and opportunity to commit this crime.

Some of you animal lovers are concerned about whether he consumed any of the fudge because chocolate is supposed to be dangerous for dogs to eat.  And I say, it serves him right!  Then I worry that he will get sick in the night and we will have another clean-up job.  I already cleaned up the cookies and fudge so I nominate Sugar.  After all, it is her turn and she thinks he is such a great dog.  He brought her the tape.  He did not even bring me the fudge.  I had to eat it off the floor after I got him out of the way.  I am, you see, the Alpha Male in this house.

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