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Beyond Customer Service

Sugar makes friends wherever she goes.  One of the places she goes is to a local, family-owned pharmacy. 

The pharmacy was started by a husband and wife, Charles and Sylvia.  Charles was a pharmacist.  Two children, Berni and Barbara, followed in his footsteps and also became pharmacists who work in the family business.  Sylvia runs the cash register and the store pretty much.  She has a cute German accent.  She runs a tight ship. 

Charles died a year or two ago after a tragic medical problem left him incapacitated for several years.  Sylvia misses him greatly.  So do his adult children, of course.

When Sugar goes into the store to pick up a prescription, she might stay for a half hour.  She visits with Sylvia, Berni and Barb.  They let her hang artwork on a wall by the front door.  Sugar has some local artists in a rotation.

Yesterday, Sugar went in to pick up a prescription while I waited in the car — for half an hour.  When Sugar came out, she told me something extraordinary. 

She said to me that Sylvia, who is aware of some difficult issues that Sugar has been dealing with, told Sugar that she has been praying for her and that she fasted for two days as she prayed earnestly and constantly for Sugar.  Wow!

People often say, when they hear of an illness or death of a loved one, that you are in their thoughts and prayers.  That is nice.  It is probably true.

No one has ever told me that they were fasting and praying for two days — for me. 

Sugar was obviously touched.  The word “amazing” is overused.  This act of intercessory prayer for Sugar by Sylvia was indeed amazing. 

There is a song with lyrics that include:  “They will know we are Christians by our love, by our love, yes they’ll know that we are Christians by our love.”

  Sylvia is a powerful prayer warrior.  Sugar had kind of a break-through yesterday.

To God be the glory, but I give Sylvia some credit too.  She knew Who has the correct prescription.

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