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Dream Date

He was clutching a handful of cash.  He looked happy as he walked away from the bank teller.  He came over to where I was sitting in the bank lobby and I commented that it looked like he had lots of money.

“I do have a lot of money,” he agreed.

“Do you have plans for how you want to spend all that money?” I asked.

He grinned.  “I am going on a date.”

“That sounds like fun.”  He agreed and volunteered to tell me about the planned date.

The young man appeared to be about high school age.  He has Down’s Syndrome.  I wondered if he was going to prom.

“We are going to Olive Garden restaurant to eat and then we are going to a movie at the brand new movie theater and then we are going to watch the sunset.”

“Wow.  That will be a wonderful date.”

“Yes.  I always wanted a girlfriend who has cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.”

“Do you have boots and a hat?”  I asked because he was not wearing any.

“Yes.  I like horses too.”

“I do too.  I have some horses.”

“Oh.  What are their names?”

I told him our horses names and then asked him the name of his girlfriend.

“I don’t know her name yet because I have not met her but when I do we will go on a date.”

His mother had overheard our conversation and smiled about it.

I got kinda choked up.  That is a nice young man who knows what he wants.  He has goals about getting a girlfriend who meets his criteria and has planned out a wonderful date night.  Lucky girl!



Sugar took me to Whole Foods.

It is well-organized.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.

We got a few groceries and even some food on plates for a meal in the pleasant dining area.

It was in the dining room where I fully realized that I was out of uniform.

I was wearing jeans and cowboy boots.  The other four men eating there each had on khakis and sandals.  One pair of khakis was long.  Two were baggy shorts.  The fourth khaki garment was what in the olden days might be described as pedal pushers or beachcombers.  They were 3/4 length and rolled up a bit more.  They would not look good with cowboy boots.

I was not the only one with facial hair, but I did not fit in for a different reason — all but me had shaved heads on top.

Fashion-wise, I did not ‘fit in” for this visit to the store, but I have a funny feeling that when I return every man will be wearing cowboy boots.  I bet every person in Whole Foods noticed me.  I stood out.  It did not look like anyone in this crowd has cowboy boots.  I believe I altered their collective fashion consciousness.

No one verbally articulated admiration for my attire at the time, but I could see the admiration in all their eyes.  The power of my personal presence led all in attendance to an epiphany about how a man ought to look.  I believe I broke down khaki barriers and introduced a different kind of footwear as well.  Free at last, the men of Whole Foods can now see beyond the previously required uniform.

Sure, there is more to this than just my good looks.  They probably recognized me as the new appointee to the Rural Land Use Board and aspire to themselves reach political glory.  To follow in those footsteps you can’t be wearing sandals.  That is a job for someone in cowboy boots.

P.S.  It might even dawn on them that they can wear a cowboy hat until the hair grows out of them shaved heads.

Political Image Making

As I continue with my pre-campaign planning, there are many decisions to make.  It might seem shallow, but political candidates are concerned about their looks.  Think of the billboards, posters, flyers, TV commercials, and televised debates, not to mention public appearances and even door-to-door campaigning.

I should probably form a focus group to decide stuff like whether to have a mustache or wear a cowboy hat.  We have to think about the demographics.

Okay, I think the cowboy boots that I normally wear are fine.  The cowboy hat can be overdone.  Maybe I will just wear it in parades or on my ride across the state to meet the voters.

Since Colorado legalized marijuana, I should probably smoke marijuana on the campaign trail, which will require me to learn to smoke.  I can be like the Marlboro man with a joint.  Very appealing to more than one group of voters.

The great thing about nose rings is one can take them out when the occasion calls for that.

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