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Discarded Dads

The marketing of Valentine’s Day probably causes many who do not have sweethearts to feel left out and lonely.  Similarly, women who long to be mothers are likely sad amidst the hubbub of Mothers’ Day, feeling left out.  Mothers who have actual children who ignore them on Mothers’ Day are even sadder for being disregarded.

Fathers’ Day is coming up.  If your father is still alive, he would appreciate a card, at least, or a call, or both if it is impossible for you to actually spend the day with him.  By the way, a text message is not sufficient.

According to the JC Penney ads on TV, all fathers will have a fun picnic surrounded by children and grandchildren, wearing new golf shirts by the new grill.  Fathers who see those ads and have that experience should feel blessed indeed.  Those who go to the empty mailbox, endure the silence of a phone that does not ring, or wait for the visitors who do not come, feel the humiliating sadness of being disregarded, disposable, and discarded.

The adult children who are too busy to acknowledge their parents should fear Karma.  What goes around might come around and they will in the future sit in their nursing home rooms hoping to not be forgotten throughout the day until, at the end of the day, they realize that no one cared enough to remember.

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