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Beau Gets a Friend


Duke is not a puppy.  He is a six year old German Shorthair Pointer.  Miss Sugar, my kind-hearted wife, saw on Craigslist that Duke needed a new home.  (I do not understand why she was looking at pet ads on Craigslist.)  As an historical note, we previously were owned by another German Shorthair Pointer, Rover, who was a wonderful dog.  Rover and Max, pictured above, got along well.  Sadly, both have passed on.

German Shorthair Pointers like to run.  They probably need to run.  The family that posted the ad had decided that their living situation was not meeting Duke’s needs for lots of room to run.  We have lots of room to run so Sugar said we would take him.  That happened yesterday.

Duke adjusted well to our family and home immediately.  We introduced him to Beau and Sadie, Yellow Labs, and the horses, and even a cat.

We took all the dogs for a long walk in the pasture, with Duke on a leash, to show him the place.  We took a chance letting him off the leash, hoping he would stay by the other dogs, and he did stay by them, sort of.  He runs circles around the rest of us.  Literally.  He runs in big circles.  But he came back.  That was yesterday.

Today, we took the crowd out for another “walk.”  Even the cat came.  Beau spotted some Pronghorns (antelope) and Duke was glad.  They chased the fastest land animals in North America.  Beau gave up after awhile.  Duke did not.  The Pronghorns and Duke all disappeared from sight.  Sugar and I worried that we had made a mistake letting Duke off the leash.

To our relief, he eventually returned.  Sugar met him with joy.  The prodigal son returned.

In the house, Duke is a gentleman.  He has accepted us.  And we have accepted him.

Beau seems glad to have another buddy.  They are both “sporting dogs.”  So they have that in common.  They are supposed to be bird dogs, of course.  That is what the antelopes would like them to be.  The rabbits in the vicinity also feel strongly in favor of these dogs sticking with retrieving birds.

Is the Pope Catholic?

My brackets are broken.  In one of my brackets, I had Gonzaga playing Georgetown for the championship.  As you sports fans know, that is not going to happen.  Both have been eliminated.

It probably was not smart to get a new pope right before the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  The teams from Catholic schools are not doing so hot.  I don’t blame Pope Francis for accepting his position, but I do blame the Vatican selection committee for its timing.  You don’t change  coaches or, apparently, popes, right before March Madness.

Notre Dame is out already too.  However, Creighton and Marquette are still in it.  If Creighton, my alma mater, beats Duke today, I will take it all back and credit Pope Francis.

Go Bluejays!

P.S.  This is written after the game.  Creighton lost!  That is exactly what I was worried about.  What good is it to have a Jesuit pope if a Jesuit school can’t beat, get this, The Duke Blue Devils?  Blue Devils!  Come on!  That ain’t right!

P.P.S.  This is written after Marquette beat Miami in the Sweet Sixteen, moving into the Elite Eight.  Maybe the Pope is starting to pay attention and get involved.

P.P.P.S.  This is written after Marquette lost to Syracuse.  It is finished.

P.P.P.P.S.  I checked to see whether Louisville is a Catholic school.  It is not.

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