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Twisted Values

Aaron Hernandez and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are convicted murderers, each having killed due to twisted values.

Aaron Hernandez let his priority be to not tolerate disrespect.  He was a talented NFL tight end for the Patriots.  It is a shame he did not make his career and his family more important than his gangsta friends and the misplaced value of avenging disrespect, real or perceived.

He was convicted this week of killing his friend, Odin Lloyd, who was dating the sister of Aaron’s fiancee, who is also the mother of his child.  So, he knew the victim.  The evidence presented at trial convinced the jury that Hernandez killed Lloyd, not in the heat of anger, but, it seems, as revenge for some slight that occurred at a nightclub a day or two before.  It was not even a “showdown” because Lloyd apparently thought they were meeting to hang out.  It was a sneaky murder, as I understand the news reports of the trial.  Hernandez brought along a couple other buddies.  Ambush does not seem tough.  Three against one is not so tough either.  But they did “teach?” Lloyd that no insult to Hernandez goes unpunished.

There will be another trial for charges of shooting and killing two young men Hernandez ran into at another club.  He believed he was wronged by one of them over an accidentally spilled drink.  The alleged double murder was accomplished by shooting both from a car into their car.  Again, not exactly a brave showdown.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has now been convicted for the Boston Marathon bombing that killed, maimed and wounded many people.  His reasons to kill innocent people are even more far-fetched.  His terrorist acts were supposedly motivated by his hatred of America and influence of his brother.  He was, I guess, teaching America a lesson.  He was given opportunities in America which he accepted, such as a high school and college education.  But that was not enough.  I don’t understand what he expected.  Maybe America was not converting to Islam fast enough.  America did not fix the problems in his native country, Chechnya, in the Russian Federation.  His family sought asylum in the United States.  This is how he and his brother repaid the favor.

His values concerning loyalty to his homeland and his Muslim faith apparently led him to become a terrorist murderer.

Some say that the death penalty, while deserved, might be doing him a favor by making him a martyr.

I don’t know what to do with these two young men.  What they did was evil.  May God have mercy on their souls.  I am not God.  I am not entirely merciful.

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