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Bed and Breakfast and more

“It’s always somethun.” Roseanne Rosannadana (SNL)

My wife is a multi-tasker. I, on the other hand, am satisfied to do one thing at a time, and that one thing is often a non-productive waste of time. For instance, I can watch TV in the same room as Sugar while she is making jewelry and planning a craft show and creating a website for the event.

For Labor Day weekend, Sugar recruited artists to submit their work for an art auction that benefited a local volunteer fire department. She contacted dozens of artists through her connections in the northern Colorado art community, but also got submissions from all over the country, including New York, Oregon, Texas, and Wyoming. She had images of the paintings on a website she created for the event. I helped too — I hung up pictures before the auction — one at a time. I think I hung over 100 framed art pieces. I was really something. You should have been there.

Now that the art auction is over, Sugar is organizing an Octobercraft event at the community center for later this month. She did it successfully last year. I helped too — checking in vendors, which was a very important task and suits me as I could only check in one at a time. You should have been there to witness my reading skills. I had a list and I not only had to read the vendors names, but also had to verbally communicate in order to tell them their respective booth numbers. Not just anybody could pull that off, but I did. There was even a lady whose name was not on the list but wanted into the show. That is where I drew the line. No last minute entries. I called the Sheriff when she wouldn’t move her car. She looked like a terrorist to me. One can’t be too careful. We don’t want strangers infiltrating our country craft shows.

So, you are wondering about the title of this post. I am getting to it. I entitled it B&B because in her spare time Sugar advertised our bunk house as a “bed and breakfast.” Actually, she is misrepresenting the situation. She is making dinner too, not merely breakfast. And, she will pack a lunch if guests want to go for a hike. We have a couple coming this weekend from Georgia for their first wedding anniversary. I hope they won’t mind having all meals included. You have likely noticed that Miss Sugar has a tendency to go overboard.

And, like at all bed and breakfast facilities, they can go on a horse ride, which is my department. Aren’t you impressed? What would Sugar do without me? For one thing, she would be hanging pictures by her lonesome.
B&B ride

Couple on first anniversary.  They say they want to return for their second anniversary.

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