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Happy Holidays or Not

May all my politically correct friends and relatives who celebrate Christmas have a merry one on December 25th, and, for those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, please have a nice day on Wednesday.

For those who recently celebrated the Winter Solstice or Hanukkah or Ramadan, I sincerely hope that  you enjoyed those holidays, yet I mean no offense to those of you who do not celebrate such occasions either.  Allow me to point out that my own failure to celebrate the same holidays that you celebrate by no means is intended to communicate that I have any animosity towards your own religious beliefs or lack of religious beliefs nor your cultural affiliation.   And I say that in the most gender-neutral manner possible.

Also, may I wish a Happy New Year to those of you who use the Gregorian calendar commonly used in the U.S.A. as well as many other (yet not all) parts of the world!  By saying that, however, I do not mean to imply that particular calendar is in any way superior to other calendars, past or present, including but not limited to the Julian calendar, Mayan calendar and the Chinese calendar, nor even that the United States is any better than any other nation in the eyes of all despite  my personal loyalties to the U.S.A.   By acknowledging that not all persons and nations agree with my patriotism for the United States, please be assured that I respect your choice to not be patriotic, whether or not I agree with such a choice.  It is important to realize that I was born of a certain nationality with genetic characteristics that I cannot help, including race or combination of races, as well as height, hair color and eye color,  nevertheless  recognizing that others with differing genes and thus different nationalities, races, height, eye color, hair color, skin color, and gender could not choose their genetic makeup either, yet leaving for debate whether free choice exists as to sexual identity, without indicating my own views on such debate nor specifying my own sexual identity and gender preference.   And I say that from a bi-partisan perspective, without intending to offend anyone.  Rather, it is my sincere desire to enable and empower all readers to enjoy the coming year commencing on whatever date on the calendar of each person’s own choosing which designates a New Year, whether or not such calendar and the first day of the year for such calendar coincides with the calendar that I employ due to my citizenship in the U.S.A. by accident of birth.

To those folks who do not mind me saying so — Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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