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Not Wholly Alone

Miss Sugar and I are on a kick to try to eat healthily.  This past weekend was our annual John Wayne Barbeque.  About 50 guests attended. We served pork that we smoked ourselves for many hours, then simmered in Miss Sugar’s special barbeque sauce.  We served barbeque beans with lots of sausage, almost like chili.  We served potato salad, Oklahoma caviar, and a bunch of other stuff which might not all be gluten-free or sugar-free.  Sugar made lots of desserts — sweet potato pie, pecan pie, apple crisp.  Other folks contributed to the array.  We had sweet tea, lemonade, and some adult beverages.  It was all very healthy. 

So today we had lunch at Whole Foods.  I walked around and around the buffet, feeling like crying.  It was difficult to find anything that I wanted to eat.  Kale is not my favorite.  I settled on some fake crab, spinach leaves, and peas.  I am still hungry, but I did not even want seconds of anything.  Picky eater, I guess.

What I noticed as I walked around the store was that I was not appropriated dressed.  I was out of fashion.  I was not wearing khaki shorts.  I was not wearing sandals.  I was the only person I saw wearing cowboy boots as I checked out the other shoppers.  No one else had boots.  No one else was wearing Western style clothes.  And this is in Colorado.

Wait!  I finally saw a kindred spirit.  I saw another pair of cowboy boots worn by a very attractive woman, who was also wearing a cowboy hat.  My heart fluttered.

Miss Sugar is my kind of gal!  Anybody can see that!


The only trouble is that when we hold hands, hers are quite a bit smaller than mine, as you can observe in the photo, but I don’t mind, and she don’t seem to neither. I’d still say we are equally yoked.

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