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He walked onto the deck, like he was walking onto a yacht, but this deck was connected to a log lodge instead.  From there, he descended the stairs to the courtyard.  At the bottom of the stairs, to the right, was the hot tub.

No one else was in the hot tub.  No one else was in the courtyard either.   He was wearing a robe, but under it was no swimsuit.  At this spa swimsuits are optional.

He removed his robe, revealing the body of a Greek god, and placed the robe on the chair next to the hot tub.  He was unaware of the watching eyes.

The owner of those eyes focused on what you might guess was of the most interest at that vulnerable moment.  And then it happened so quickly that the man in the tub could do nothing to protect himself and his modesty.

Someone had taken the robe.

That someone was Beau, our troublesome Yellow Lab.  The dog took the robe, shaking it like he had to break its neck.  Then he ran off with it, silently laughing as he dragged it through the melting snow and mud.

The man in the tub, who was me, yelled at the dog to no avail.

It is a good thing we don’t have any neighbors.

Snow Day III


It’s April 17th, which in many parts of the country is Springtime.  Right?

This is the third day of a big snow storm.  We are still snowed in.  Schools are closed.  Many roads are closed.  County offices closed at noon.

Miss Sugar, aka Miss Texas, grew up in Texas, as you might guess.  Although her parents had a condo in Frisco, Colorado, she was snow-deprived most of the time, except during family vacations to Colorado to ski, during which ski vacations she actually hoped for snow.

Therefore, being married to me is, I believe,  like being on a permanent vacation for Miss Texas.    Here at Cross Creek Ranch, she does not have the demands of her former life as a professional model and the burden of television appearances.  Out of the spotlight, she is living the dream in “cooler” surroundings.   She can go snowshoeing in April.  Try that in Texas.   Now she has resided in Colorado for about half of her life and is no longer snow-deprived.

Here at our private resort, we do not have a ski lift but we have cross country skis if Sugar gets tired of the snow shoes.  We even have “apres ski” stuff to do.  We can sit in the “lodge” by the fireplace, watching the snow come down.  If we were drinkers, we could even sip wine in ski attire, provided we could get out to drive to the liquor store.  Instead, we have artesian well water, right out of the tap instead of them little bottles.  We have a hot tub (really) that I have been meanin’ to fix.

I reckon lots of beauty queens would love to hang out here, but they ain’t allowed because I picked Miss Texas.  I don’t mind getting snowed in with her.  And she loves being here with me.  She hasn’t said that in so many words today, but I can see it in her eyes.  She knows she is one lucky trophy wife.

And I know that I married way above my station in life.  I am way out of my league.

But you don’t hear me complaining.

Like I said before, below:

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