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The Night on which He was Betrayed

Today is Maundy Thursday.  We remember the Last Supper in the Upper Room, watching and praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, the arrest of Jesus, his “trial” and Peter’s three denials.  Oh, what a night!

Many have experienced various types of betrayal.  Few have been crucified as a result.

Jesus was celebrating the Passover with his disciples that night on which he was betrayed.  Tonight we remember that night.


Chain of Thoughts

“Forgive us our trespasses AS we forgive those who trespass against us…

“Love one another AS I have loved you…

“Love your neighbor AS yourself…

“Do unto others AS you would have them do unto you…

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do….”


Having A Beer With Jesus

Country singer Thomas Rhett has a song out called “If I could have a beer with Jesus.”

It is not disrespectful.  It is not about getting drunk with Jesus.  It is about the singer’s desire to spend time with the Lord in an earthly way, having a beer and talking, like guys often do.  Some might prefer to have quiche with Jesus, but keep in mind that Jesus was not a sissy.

Jesus had a trade.  As a carpenter, he worked with his hands and tools.  He hung out with fishermen like Peter. In fact, most of the 12 apostles were fishermen, a blue collar labor job.  He was a leader of that small group of regular guys, and was seen by them as a good friend.  (Before chickening out, Peter said he’d die for Jesus, which indicates the kind of friendship by which they’d have each other’s backs, as we say today.  Jesus, on the other hand, did die for Peter — and the rest of us.)

Jesus the teacher attracted large crowds.  They came from far and wide to hear him.  He was an excellent storyteller, holding the attention of hundreds of people sitting on the ground.  He would certainly be an excellent conversationalist at a bar in a one on one situation as well.  Who wouldn’t enjoy that opportunity?

His first miracle at the wedding in Cana was to turn water into wine when they ran out of wine at the reception.  He saved from embarrassment the groom, or father of the bride, or whomever was the host responsible for providing the beverage at the wedding reception.  By the way, Jesus helped out in that manner at his mother’s request.  My own mother, intolerant about the use of alcoholic beverages, would have been glad they ran out, but Mary wanted the post-nuptial party to go on.  I suppose that if they had run out of wedding cake prematurely, providing more cake would have been the first miracle.

It does not diminish the holiness of Jesus that he was made man and walked among us for 33 years or so.  Remember whose plan that was.  That was His Father’s good idea.

Like Thomas Rhett, I too would like to have a beer with Jesus.  Just don’t tell my mother.  She would ground us both.

Pioneer Spirit

There are folks in these United States who are unwilling or unable to camp when the weather temperature is below freezing.  They are commonly referred to as wimps.

There are other folks, who courageously brave the elements to camp, even when the temperature is below freezing, yea, even when in the teens.  They are commonly referred to as Americans Who Epitomize the Pioneer Spirit Which Made This Country Great.

Miss Sugar falls into the latter category.  And I went along with her, though not necessarily courageously.  Call me compliant.

RV campers are the successors to the old Conestoga Wagons of the pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail and such.  Both modes of transport provide a sleeping compartment on wheels, pulled by horses, oxen, or Ford F250 pickup trucks. 

Some might point out the advancements in technology, such as insulation, electric and propane heat, to compare modern campers like Miss Sugar to the pioneers of the 1800s and conclude that Miss Sugar is not as tough as the original pioneers of the covered wagons.  I assure you, they would be wrong. 

In light of recent tragic events, including Hurricane Sandy, I hasten to clarify that I am writing about those of us who voluntarily camp for recreation, not about people who have lost their homes and are  camping in the cold not by choice, nor about people who are without homes on a permanent basis and have to contend with finding shelter from the cold.  We call these unfortunate people our brothers and sisters in need.

Jesus said that whatsoever we do “for the least of these” to provide for people in need, we are doing for Him.

That too is the American Way.  Wimps are welcome to participate.

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