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Chain of Thoughts

“Forgive us our trespasses AS we forgive those who trespass against us…

“Love one another AS I have loved you…

“Love your neighbor AS yourself…

“Do unto others AS you would have them do unto you…

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do….”


God Knows What We Need

When I was a young lawyer, I attended a reception for a lawyer in town who was celebrating 50 years in practice.  I remember that when he spoke, he said something about continuing to wonder where his next client would come from, even after 50 years.  He concluded that, despite his insecurity, people keep hiring him.

I know the feeling.  There have been many times in my years of practicing law that God has provided clients and money just at the right time.  I recognize that it is out of my control whether a case settles or when it settles or whether it goes to trial or how much money I get.  I can do my part by doing my job, of course, but often the case I expect to settle does not, yet another, even better one, does settle when I was not expecting that to happen then.  Truly, I stand in amazement.

I see that God is providing, not me as some self-made man.  Any talents I have come from the Lord.  Opportunities come from the Lord.  I can mess up those opportunities, but I did not create them.

Last week I was hired by some clients who were in a serious accident.  They live in another county.  There are plenty of good lawyers in their county.  They contacted me because friends of theirs had hired me many years ago.  I thank God, truly, for sending them to me.  Like the lawyer who spoke at his party after 50 years of practice, I did not know they would be hiring me.  However, God knew.

In Matthew 6:8, immediately before he taught his disciples what we call The Lord’s Prayer, Jesus said, “…your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” 

I can vouch for that!

Suggestions From A Searcher — Part One

I wrote a little book, initially for my children when they were teens.  It is called Suggestions From A Searcher.  Others asked for copies.  Last year, when I started this blog, I published it in a serial fashion.  Now that I have more followers, I am repeating that process.  Tomorrow I plan to pull Part Two out of the archives, and continue daily by posting links to the Suggestions From A Searcher blog.  Below is the link to Part One.

Welcome to the General Public

In the original Rocky movie, when Rocky wanted to take Adrian ice skating, he was told that the ice rink was closed.  He asked, “Is it closed to everybody or just to the general public?”

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray what we call The Lord’s Prayer, which includes asking our Father who art in heaven to “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,” was he intending that only those twelve individuals pray that prayer or was it meant for the general public as well?

Like Rocky, I don’t always want to be part of just the general public.  Maybe I don’t want to forgive those who trespass against me.  Nevertheless, I do recommend that those in the general public ought to be forgiving.  I like to be forgiven by others and certainly I want to be forgiven by God.

Of course, Christians believe that Jesus died for the sins of everyone, to redeem everyone.  Everyone is in the general public.

Unfortunately, we do not always behave as we believe.

Have you had the experience of telling a fellow Christian that you have been hurt by that person and instead of being asked for forgiveness, such as a simple, “I am sorry,” had that person explain to you why you should not have been hurt?  Disregarding your feelings.  Or explain why you deserved to be hurt.  No remorse.  No apology.  Why?  Because the “hurter” will not accept blame and is unrepentant.   Too good.  Too superior.  Too “Christian?”

On the flip side, have you asked a Christian brother or sister to forgive you and been ignored?  Or refused.  Imagine a fellow sinner withholding forgiveness  from someone whom Christ died for.  How can any Christian be too good to forgive another?   Isn’t that disregarding what Christ has accomplished on the cross?

Apparently, such Christians are blind to the applicability of Jesus’ words to them.  Apparently, they do not see themselves as part of the general public.  Apparently, they deem themselves special.

Jesus was upset by similarly self-righteous attitudes by the Pharisees of his day.  He said, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you put burdens on others that you yourselves are unwilling to bear.”

Feeling superior about one’s righteousness might be comfortable for such persons, but I fear they missed the point of Jesus’ gospel.  They would be well-advised to acknowledge being part of the general public because Jesus came to save everyone.

Abraham Lincoln said, “God must especially love the common folks because he made so many of them.”

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