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Show Time

You know that awkward feeling when you ask if someone is going to a party that you will be attending and the person you asked tells you that he or she was not invited?

Out of kindness, I suppose, I have not told my wife, a former model and television actress, that I am being contacted on a daily basis by Casting 360, which has modeling gigs, acting jobs, and movie extra work for me.

I am not certain how this agency discovered me.  Perhaps this very blog site attracted their attention.  I imagine that some folks at Casting 360 have been ogling photos of me posted on this site.  I am surprised that they did not respond as positively to the many photos of the photogenic Miss Sugar also on this site.  So maybe I was discovered in another manner.  Sometimes, as I walk down the street, I notice people noticing me.  They never come right out and tell me how good-looking they think I am, but I can see it in their eyes.  Probably some of those admiring eyes work for Casting 360.  It is hard to say.

Nevertheless, for whatever reason, Casting 360 is desperately trying to recruit me.  All I have to do is pay $7.99 a month for them to send me notifications about the jobs they have for me.

That is a good deal.  My first movie job should more that pay for it.

That is when I will tell Miss Sugar.  She might notice my absence when I have to travel to the movie set.  For $7.99, I could use my connections to bring her back into the family business — show biz.    If you, gentle readers, also want to try show biz, simply send me your credit card information, Social Security number, and a portfolio of photos.  I will see what I can do for you.

I can’t make any guarantees, however.  Modeling and show biz are very competitive.  Good looks are all that count.  Some of us have it, some of us (present company excluded) don’t.   You know who you are.

Another B&B

Now that we are in the Bed & Breakfast business, we went last weekend to stay at another couple’s B&B in a neighboring state. We went from being hosts to being guests.

Many B&Bs are in town. Sometimes in large houses, even mansions. We have been to some like that.

Ours is outside of town, on a ranch, so it is more of a destination than merely lodging. We also serve more than breakfast. Also, the guests stay in a separate building known as the bunkhouse rather than in our house with us.

The one we went to is similar in some of those ways. It is outside of town. It is not in the home of the hosts, but in a separate building. It was a full apartment, very nice, in a metal farm building, the rest of which is a shop. The hosts were not present. They were hunting. They had left instructions on how to find the place, and the key.

We got a late start because Miss Sugar had been asked to be in a TV commercial filmed in Denver. So we did that on Saturday morning and into the afternoon. I say “we” in the sense that I was present. For some mysterious reason, I was not invited to be in the commercial. Sugar has been in front of the camera many times in the past, both as a model and actress. I have been deemed to be a person who looks better out of the view of the camera, such as in my own mind. I am very photogenic inside my head.

Anyway, Sugar caused us to arrive at our destination after dark. The directions were hard to follow because there were no street lights. There were no streets either, just confusing country roads. The directions actually said to pass a large tan building on the left, then keep going to a green shed on the right, then continue to a house with lots of trees, then turn right on an unmarked road, bearing left at the fork.

Unfortunately, we got mixed up during our first attempt. We found a place that would have made a nice bed and breakfast because there was a separate entrance. We had been told the key would be hanging on the brace for the satellite dish. There it was — a satellite dish but when I got out and felt around, I could find no key. I did see the sign that said, “We don’t call 911.” (We have one like it at our place.) As I was searching for the key and admiring the sign, two dogs came around the corner, barking at me. Fortunately, they were poodles, not pit bulls or mastiffs. Sugar decided we were at the wrong house. We were indeed.

After another try, we found the correct place. We even found the key on a bracket for the satellite dish. No dogs attacked me. Home Sweet Home! And we got to bed before midnight.

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