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Beau Shares Breakfast


Michelle is a world traveler.  She recently returned from four months in Nepal, where she climbed to base camp for Mount Everest and stayed to volunteer at a monastery, teaching English.  She lived with a Nepali family.  I think eight people slept in one room.  The bathroom facilities consist of a hole in the floor and cold water.  She has experienced many diverse cultures, having traveled to foreign lands around the globe, including South America, Central America, Europe,Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and even California.

Last week, she came to our ranch in Colorado to visit for a few days of hardship.  It was below zero the whole time.  Plus, our internet is slow.

Sugar cooked a good breakfast on the first morning of Michelle’s visit.  Sadly, Michelle, the world traveler, is not equipped to cope with the rigors of our kitchen.  She made a cultural mistake.  She failed to adequately guard her plate when she briefly turned her attention elsewhere, foolishly abandoning her post at the kitchen counter in order to get juice from the refrigerator. It was a rookie move. She paid the price. She needs to learn to be quick.

“Mom,” (that is what Michelle calls Sugar, who is presumed to be Michelle’s biological mother pending the results of DNA testing),she cried out with frustration, “Beau ate my breakfast.  He is the worst-behaved dog in the world.”  Remember, Michelle has been around the world, so she is qualified to express her opinion in that matter, and she is likely very correct.

Beau enjoyed Michelle’s visit.  She was an easy target.  On her previous visit, Beau stole one of her shoes. When recovered, it was slightly damaged, or so Michelle claimed. Even though Michelle has an Ivy League degree from Columbia University in New York City, to Beau, she is not as smart as him.  He took it upon himself to train her to be more aware of her surroundings.  He wants her to be on guard, as any world traveler needs to be. 

Michelle returned to New York City and is planning to go back to Nepal if she gets a Fulbright grant.  In Nepal, they have some wild monkeys, and, in comparison, the monkeys are better behaved than Beau, Michelle opines.  I do not doubt that, but can the monkeys swim in the river and fetch as well as labrador retrievers can?


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