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Consider this parable:
A man was driving on a country road when one of the tires on his truck blew out and was flat.
His brother came along and invited the man with the flat tire to come have a beer with him sometime.
“That would be nice, but what I need now is to borrow your cell phone so that I can call AAA.”
“You should not need my cell phone.  I know that you have a cell phone.  Use your cell phone.”
“I left my phone at home.  That is why I am asking for your help, Brother.  What does it hurt you to hand me your cell phone so that I can call AAA?”
“You should have checked your tires.  Then this could have been avoided.  I don’t have a flat tire.”
“Yes, I know, but may I use your phone or not?”
“Man, that hurts my feelings.”
“I will pray for you.”
“Thanks, but I need to call AAA.”
“I will pray for you.”
“I heard you the first time.”
“That is all I want to say.  I will pray for you.  Bye.”
And he drove away, thinking, “My brother is sure a screw up.  After all I have done for him, he wants to use my cell phone.  Isn’t praying for his sorry ass enough?  How dare he say that I hurt his feelings!  I am a good person.  Way better than him.  He deserves to be stranded.  Still, I will pray for him and patiently await the opportunity to have a beer together like the good old days.”
After the devout Christian brother drove away, a Samaritan on a Harley stopped.
“Hey, Dude, need any help?”
“Yeah, thanks.  Do you have a cell phone that I can use to call AAA?”
“Sure.  No problem.”
Maybe the brother was praying that someone else would help.

The Parable of the Pickup and the Porsche

Imagine an old pickup, say a Ford F250 SuperDuty diesel, parked in the same garage as a classic Porsche 911 GT3 Coupe that is in mint condition and used to be shown in car shows, in which it won prizes like a beauty queen.

The pickup knows it is big and strong and durable, but slow to start and rather cumbersome to park in town.  The Porsche is pretty and fast and expensive.  It is so used to being admired that it no longer notices being noticed.  When they are parked next to each other at the ranch where they live, visitors hardly notice the truck.  All are drawn to the Porsche.

The pickup, however, is not jealous.  Rather, it is proud to be with the Porsche.  It believes, perhaps as a delusion, that people see it with the Porsche and might think, “This must be a real cool pickup or it would not be in the same garage as this wonderful Porsche.”

So Miss Sugar, my trophy wife, had a few folks over for a holiday gathering.  She went overboard with her preparations.  She made more food than the guests could eat.  She decorated the house like a Christmas card.  She is a fantastic entertainer.

I carried in the tree and set it up in the stand.  I also put out a cheeseball and opened a couple bottles of wine.

I might not be fantastic, but I sure enjoy being parked next to Sugar.


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