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What Do You Love To Do?

This is the seventh section of Suggestions from a Searcher.

A.  Passions for life — What do you love to do?

It is important to discover your natural gifts so this section is intended to help you do that.  There are surely exceptions, but we usually like to do things we are good at, and, vice versa, we tend to be good at things we like to do.  Therefore, one approach to identifying your talents is to recognize what you especially love to do and to remember events in the past which have been especially satisfying for you.

Using our gifts is how we can glorify God.  Since all we have comes from Him, the most we can do is to simply allow Him to use what He has first given us.  It is thus important to acknowledge that God is the source of all we have, lest we boast.

EXERCISE FIVE:   This section of the “workbook” has four parts.  After taking time to pray, which is part number 1, write out your responses to numbers 2, 3 and 4 on separate sheets of paper.

1)     Pray for God to show you your natural gifts.

 2)     Think about your interests, hobbies, favorite places, sports, school subjects, organizations, etc.   List such things as the ideas come into your mind without worrying about organizing them by categories.  Simply write down activities you enjoy most.

 3)     Think about what you consider “successes” that you have already

experienced in life.

 a.        What is the earliest success you recall?

 b.       List three other successes. 

 c.         Are there any common factors that you identify in your various successes?

 d.       List what you view to be your natural talents.

 4)     If you could do anything and you knew you could not fail, what would you dare to do? 

This is a very telling question because it does not allow for excuses.  Assuming you can do what you aspire to do, what would it be?  There is a saying that “Whatever the mind can conceive, the person can achieve.”  The way I think about it is that God gives us our dreams. He made you so surely He won’t be surprised about your ideas.  Let your imagination fly!  In order to pursue your dreams you first need to recognize what they are.


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