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Return of Rover

For those who read my July 2nd post, called Rover, it might be interesting to know what Paul Harvey called, “The Rest of the Story.”  Rover is back.  He’s back at Cross Creek Ranch.  How did that happen?

Miss Sugar, my trophy wife, has a serious heart problem.  It is way, way, tooooo soft, toooo kind, and toooo loving. 

We had called Animal Control to come pick up the stray dog who came to our house on July 2nd.  An officer took the dog to the Humane Society.  We hoped that the true owner would be looking for Rover.   Anyone looking for a lost dog can call the Humane Society.  It even has a website that posts photos of lost pets.  This one was described as Springer/Lab mix, about two years old.  We expected the owners would recover the dog from the Humane Society.  But what if they did not?  Then what would become of him?

Miss Sugar’s sweet heart led her to call the Humane Society and tell them that if the owners did not claim Rover, we would adopt him.  We did not want him euthanized. 

He was not claimed.  He was not euthanized.  He was adopted.  By us.  We brought him home today.  Home to the place where he had shown up on July 2nd.  So who really adopted whom? 

We hope his roving days are over.

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