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Puppyback Ride

Yesterday, I wrote about experiences with eagles and a dog.  Another day, another story.  This one involves two dogs and a cat.

Beau, the subject of many stories, disappeared for awhile.  We have trained him to come when called.  Usually he does.  Today, he did not.  The Yellow Lab was missing.  Sugar was worried.  I was worried too and mad.  Sugar thought someone stole him.  I thought that a far-fetched theory.  For one thing, we have very little traffic.   For another, who would want him?

We called and whistled.  Sadie was home.  Beau was out of sight.

He had been with me when I fed the horses at the barn earlier.  I had fed the dogs and cats too.  Then I went inside to shave and shower.  Sugar interrupted my tasks.  So I went outside with shaving cream on my face.  I hiked along the irrigation ditch.  I saw paw prints, but I am not a good tracker.  I failed to locate Beau.  Sugar was successful.

She had called a neighbor.  The neighbor is half a mile away.  He had seen Beau heading up the road, then into a cow pasture.  Sugar got into her car.  She met the dog as he headed home.

He was glad to see her.  He had no guilt.  He is unrepentant.  He always thinks that he is funny.  What was not funny is that he seriously delayed my departure to the office.  He did not care.

That was this morning.  You won’t guess what happened this afternoon.  Sugar was outside with the untrustworthy dogs.  She came into the kitchen laughing.  Here is what she told me:

“I was walking with the dogs when something jumped out of the tall grass and landed on Sadie’s back.  It was our cat, Jiggsy, and he rode Sadie for at least eight feet.  Sadie did not do anything to get the cat off except to trot and then the cat fell off.  I think he has ridden her before.”

We have all heard of piggyback rides.  Maybe the cat has too.  Should we get him a pig?


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