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What’s In It For ME?

     Sugar is LinkedIn.  I am not.  Sugar shared with me an article that upset her.  It is called “People You Don’t Need In Your Life.”
     The article is well-written.  In fairness, I think it is intended to warn about the dangers of certain relationships in the workplace with people who do not help you in your quest for success in the business world.
     Sugar did not like it because of the selfish attitude that seems to imply that one should associate only with people who benefit you.  She pointed out that Jesus did not follow that path.  He ministered to the unsavory.  What was in it for Him?
     I agree that there are people who are negative influences.  You don’t want your kids to be in a gang.  You encourage them to have nice friends.  It is true that people seldom have a neutral effect on us.  Either they are a good influence or a bad influence, I suppose.
      Nevertheless, there are people in our lives, especially family members and long-time friends, who should not be cut out of our lives because they do not benefit us.  Maybe we learn from their mistakes.  Maybe we simply owe them respect, like being kind to the drunk uncle at the Christmas table.
     There is something wonderful about loyalty.  There is something repulsive about selfishness.
     I read a story that you might have read.  It is about a man who came to visit his wife, who had dementia,  at a nursing home each day.  He had to take the bus.  He came even in bad weather.  One particularly cold and stormy day, one of the nursing home employees said to the man, “Don’t bother coming in such bad weather.  She does not even know if you are here.”  And the loyal husband said, “But I know.”
     A while back, I wrote about what the family of a profoundly disabled child “got out of” their relationship with her.  See link below.

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