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People Are Funny Critters

“People are funny critters.”  Walt Garrison

Walt Garrison is a cowboy in more than one sense.  He played college football for the Oklahoma State Cowboys, pro ball for the Dallas Cowboys, and he also competed as a rodeo cowboy.   Quite a guy! His signing bonus with Dallas included a horse trailer.  After nine seasons in the NFL, his football career was ended by a knee injury sustained while bulldogging at a rodeo.  I doubt any current NFL players have a contract provision allowing rodeo participation in the off-season, or want one.

He himself a “funny critter,” Mr. Garrison’s observation above is a helpful reminder to be tolerant of the quirkiness that crops up amongst members of the human species.

I do not know the context within which Walt originally said those quoted words, but it does not matter to me.  I like to repeat those words in many contexts.

Individuals are often inconsistent in behavior or beliefs and those inconsistencies can be explained by recognizing they are “funny critters.”

Nations throughout history have changed in many ways, often unpredictable, because they are populated by and led by “funny critters.”

Politicians are often funny critters, some funnier than others.  We would do well to have leaders with down to earth common sense.  Walt Garrison for President!

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