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Tooo Coool: Living La Vida Loca

Dawn’s early light gradually filled the bedroom.  As I laid there in bed, gathering my thoughts, the woman next to me stirred without waking.  I admired her face, pretty in repose.  Then her long, dark lashes fluttered open, revealing her brown eyes, inherited from her Sicilian father.

The woman awakened and realized immediately that she was not lounging on a Mediterranean beach.  Neither was she on the Gulf of Mexico, nor any beach, nor anywhere warm.  She was in a different kind of paradise.

She mumbled something that sounded to me like, “Oooh, cool.”

“Thanks, I know.  That’s what everybody says.”  I thought she was addressing me and I needed to respond to the compliment because, well, I guess I am pretty cool and part of being cool is acknowledging admiration.

“I said that I am cold.  Isn’t there any heat?  Did we run out of propane?”

“No, Sugar.  I think we still have propane, but of course, if we don’t, they won’t be able to deliver any today due to our road being closed and the highway too.”

I continued to problem-solve.  “Maybe it’s the thermostat.  We replaced the thermo-coupler on the boiler in January so I don’t think it is that again.”  (We have hot water heat from a boiler, not forced air from a furnace.)

I was hoping that I did not need to go in the crawl space to check the pilot.  I just shut up.

Sugar went to the thermostat.  She turned it off and then back up to a higher temperature again.  We could hear the clicking in the bowels of the house.  The water in the pipes seemed to be doing something, the welcome noises of hot water circulating.

“Just a little trick I picked up,” Miss Sugar explained.


Next on the agenda was brushing off the satellite dishes for our TV and internet.  It is important to stay connected with society.

There are people with electric cars who plug them in when parked in their heated garages.  My pick-up is also plugged in so you might suppose that it is electric.  I have an extension cord in the barn that plugs into a cord that hangs out of the front of my truck.  There the similarity to electric cars ends.  My truck has a diesel engine.  When it is cold, it is difficult to start diesel engines.  So the electric cord does something about heating the oil or something by a special process that I won’t explain to those of you unfamiliar with the complicated intricacies of diesel mechanics.  Just understand that plugging in the plug somehow helps in cold weather.  That is all those of you in the general public need to know.


While on the subject of physics, there is a phenomenon that causes water to become frozen when the weather is cold.  When that occurs, the animals in my care are unable to drink.  However, thanks again to technology that relies upon electricity, I plug a heater into the livestock water tank so that a magical thermostat tells the heater when to heat and when not to heat so the water does not freeze and so that I do not need to break up ice.


I love electricity.  It is of great benefit to us as we enjoy our cool  rural lifestyle.

“Sugar!  Did you pay the electric bill?”


Beau, pictured above, is unconcerned about electricity.  For him, snow is fun.  Very cool!


My friends and me going to the sauna.


By the way, Sugar has some great pics at

Snow Day III


It’s April 17th, which in many parts of the country is Springtime.  Right?

This is the third day of a big snow storm.  We are still snowed in.  Schools are closed.  Many roads are closed.  County offices closed at noon.

Miss Sugar, aka Miss Texas, grew up in Texas, as you might guess.  Although her parents had a condo in Frisco, Colorado, she was snow-deprived most of the time, except during family vacations to Colorado to ski, during which ski vacations she actually hoped for snow.

Therefore, being married to me is, I believe,  like being on a permanent vacation for Miss Texas.    Here at Cross Creek Ranch, she does not have the demands of her former life as a professional model and the burden of television appearances.  Out of the spotlight, she is living the dream in “cooler” surroundings.   She can go snowshoeing in April.  Try that in Texas.   Now she has resided in Colorado for about half of her life and is no longer snow-deprived.

Here at our private resort, we do not have a ski lift but we have cross country skis if Sugar gets tired of the snow shoes.  We even have “apres ski” stuff to do.  We can sit in the “lodge” by the fireplace, watching the snow come down.  If we were drinkers, we could even sip wine in ski attire, provided we could get out to drive to the liquor store.  Instead, we have artesian well water, right out of the tap instead of them little bottles.  We have a hot tub (really) that I have been meanin’ to fix.

I reckon lots of beauty queens would love to hang out here, but they ain’t allowed because I picked Miss Texas.  I don’t mind getting snowed in with her.  And she loves being here with me.  She hasn’t said that in so many words today, but I can see it in her eyes.  She knows she is one lucky trophy wife.

And I know that I married way above my station in life.  I am way out of my league.

But you don’t hear me complaining.

Like I said before, below:

Sweat Lodges


My friend Rodney, who claims to be part Injun, knows how to build a sweat lodge. This particular blog is mainly about sweat lodges, but first I want to tell you that Rodney, who wears cowboy attire whenever I see him, also dressed like an Indian as a movie extra when they filmed the TV mini-series, Centennial, out here on Roberts Ranch. It was a good choice to film it here because, as those of you who watched the movie or read Michener’s book, on which it was based, know, Michener wrote about this very area of Northern Colorado.

Despite Rodney’s identity crisis concerning whether he is a Cowboy or Indian, I like him anyways. He also knows how to build teepees and make leather stuff, like knife sheaths, but, like I already said, this is about sweat lodges.

Miss Sugar, my trophy wife from Texas, wanted a sauna here at Cross Creek Ranch. As you know if you have read my blogs about all the stuff I done for her, like killin’ snakes and, especially, the post called My Station in Life, I try to let her know that I’m crazy about her. I married above my station in life, which is naturally humbling, so if Sugar has a hankering for somethin’ it tickles me plumb to death to get it for her.

So I got her a sweat lodge. I should have just asked Rodney to build one, but instead I got a store-bought one, made in Finland, although I would have preferred a Swedish model. Which got me to thinking. At the same time as my Viking ancestors invented saunas, Indians in North America were doing about the same thing, independently. Apparently, for centuries, people in different parts of the world have been doing similar things in order to sweat. There are probably similar things in Asia and Africa, but I ain’t done the research. I’m just saying it dawned on me that Rodney and I have in common Indian sweat lodges and Viking saunas.  Plus, we both turned into cowboys.

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