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Our Flag Was Still There

We ordered a telescoping flagpole through an internet company.  It is a fancy one, about twenty-five feet tall.  We put a solar light on the very top so the American flag would never be in the dark, per flag protocol. 

In concrete two feet deep, I set the hollow PVC sleeve, into which the first section of the pole was placed as shown in the instructions.  From bottom to top, increasingly narrower sections of the telescoping design extend out.  Near the top, there are clips for two flags.  Highest, of course, we attached the American flag.  Below it, we affixed a Lone Star flag, in honor of Miss Sugar’s Texas heritage. 

We were proud of our flagpole and the flags displayed.  That lasted about three weeks.

One day we came home and saw evidence that, in our absence, terrible winds caused damage.  Some decorations attached to our courtyard wall were on the ground, as if vandals had removed a few  but not all.  It was disturbing.

However, the most disturbing sight was to see that the section of the flagpole closest to the ground was bent at a 90 degree angle.  The section in concrete was intact, sticking two inches above ground, but the section held within that base was broken at the leverage point.

“…That our flag was still there…” was a relief.  The top of the pole was caught by a tree.  We removed the bent section, which was ruined, and erected the flagpole again, now several feet shorter.  The flags are flying again, in time for the 4th of July.

God bless America!

Oh, Miss Sugar told the flagpole seller what happened and they are replacing it.  If the wind keeps breaking it, we might become the manufacturer’s most frequent warranty claimants.  Maybe there will be a Colorado exclusion in the future.

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