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Help Me Understand Syria (and President Obama)

A year ago, when the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked and our ambassador killed, our military was not brought in to protect Americans at the embassy.  That failure to protect Americans is still being investigated.

America did not punish Libya for not protecting American diplomatic guests in that country.

The apparent use of chemical weapons in Syria by the Syrian government against its own citizens is horrible, yet, unlike the Benghazi situation, does not, as far as I know, involve American citizens.

England, our ally, is not backing President Obama’s desire to intervene in Syria.

Russia is very opposed to U.S. involvement.

Is this not something for the United Nations?

Until I am persuaded otherwise, I do not see why the United States of America should attack Syria.  I see that as lighting a powder keg.

If one of President Obama’s daughters was being threatened and he did nothing, and then, sadly, she was killed, and he still did nothing, then if a child was being abused by his own father in another country, should our President then be committed to saving the foreign child from that child’s family or just do a better job protecting his own family?

May God grant wisdom to our leaders.

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