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Growth Progress

Our puppy, Gus, is growing up.  The photo on the left was taken when he was about 8 weeks old.  The photo on the right was just taken now that he is 12 weeks old.  What a difference a month makes.  He has doubled in weight, from 10 to 20 pounds.

Take a look at his feet.  He is growing into them.

Beau and Big Bird

BigBird and Beau

Typical Labrador Retrievers limit themselves to retrieving pheasants and ducks after they have been shot by hunters.  Our Beau is a bird dog who pursues live birds of all sizes.  Pictured above is his close encounter this morning.

OR, is the bird hunting Beau?


My Favorite Hat and Blankety Blank Dog

It happened while the lovely Miss Sugar and I were in the hot tub.  (This, by the way, is good writing technique, starting out with a sentence that captures the attention of the reading audience.)


The life of Beau, our male Yellow Lab, is of questionable value today. When I tell you why, you will likely agree that he should be disowned if not strung up.

Chris LeDoux wrote a song called This Cowboy’s Hat about the sacredness of one’s personal cowboy hat, including these words:

“You’ll ride a black tornado across the western skies
You’ll rope an ole blue northern and milk it till it’s dry
Bull dawg the Mississippi, pin it’s ears down flat
Long before you take this cowboy’s hat.”

Beau, living in the home of Chris LeDoux fans, has undoubtedly heard the song and, therefore, has been warned of the consequences of tampering with my favorite hat, pictured hereinafter.


I have treasured this hat for several years.  It defined my public image.  It made me who I am.  Now, thanks to Beau, I am a lesser man who has lost my identity.  See below:

Beau's old hat

After relaxing in the hot tub outside in the courtyard, I noticed that  Beau had something in his mouth.  It was unrecognizable at first.  When I got it from him, I determined that it was my favorite cowboy hat.  “Was” is indeed the operative word.  It is no longer a hat, at least not a usable one.  It has been utterly destroyed, along with my fragile self-esteem. A nearby photojournalist, Miss Sugar, got a picture of the usual suspect caught in the act of vandalism.

The culprit showed no remorse.  Repentance is important for me to forgive.  Beau wants to pretend nothing happened.  There is, as therapists say, “an elephant in the room.”  Beau does not want to talk about my hurt feelings.   I feel disregarded.  He feels just fine.

There is a lesson here.  Always wear your cowboy hat in the hot tub.

Multi-Tasking — A Dog For All Seasons

Beau marathon continues. More talents revealed:

Shootin' the Breeze

Beau hat


I have heard that Rat Terriers and Jack Russell Terriers are very efficient at killing rats.  They don’t stop to eat them.  They break the neck of a rat by shaking it and then move on.  They don’t have to be taught to perform such a task.  It is in the DNA of such breeds.

Beau is a Yellow Labrador Retriever.  His lineage is bred to retrieve birds that have been shot by hunters who do not want to look in the brush for birds or swim out for birds that land in water.   They are supposed to gently carry the birds in their soft mouths.

Recently I wrote about herding dogs and Beau’s interest in being a cow dog despite a lack of encouragement from my wife, Miss Sugar.

Today he ventured into the line of…

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Beau Shares Breakfast

The marathon of Beau stories continues. This post from a year ago should be up-dated to inform you that Michelle returned to Nepal. Her primary motive may have been to escape Beau.

Shootin' the Breeze

Michelle is a world traveler.  She recently returned from four months in Nepal, where she climbed to base camp for Mount Everest and stayed to volunteer at a monastery, teaching English.  She lived with a Nepali family.  I think eight people slept in one room.  The bathroom facilities consist of a hole in the floor and cold water.  She has experienced many diverse cultures. She has traveled to many foreign lands, including South America, Central America, Europe,Thailand, and even California.

Last week, she came to our house to visit for a few days of hardship.  It was below zero the whole time.  Plus, our internet is slow.

Sugar cooked a good breakfast on the first morning of Michelle’s visit.  Sadly, Michelle, the world traveler, is not equipped to cope with the rigors of our kitchen.  She made a cultural mistake.  She failed to adequately guard her plate. 

“Mom,” (that is what Michelle…

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The New Apprentice

Yesterday, an electrician came out to the ranch to hook up a generator we just bought for those times when the electricity supplied by REA goes out. Thankfully, that is not often, but my cautious wife likes the refrigerator and freezer to keep running. The biggest problem in such times is that we run out of water because our water comes from a well which needs an electric pump. Consequently, we rely on electricity even more than folks in town who at least still have water when their power goes out. And another thing, our TV doe not work without electricity. So, for different reasons, we got a big generator as an emergency back-up system in anticipation of the arrival of winter.

Like most mobile tradesmen, this electrician, named John, has a well-organized truck in which he keeps his tools and electrical parts and supplies. It is well-organized so that he can find whatever he needs immediately.

Beau is a Yellow Labrador RETRIEVER. He can also be called a Re-Thiever. Theft is his speciality.

Beau was very interested in John’s work as an electrician. As far as I know, Beau has little education as an electrician, but is apparently self-taught. In his opinion, John did not correctly organize his tools. So, Beau took it upon himself to assist.

Beau has similarly helped other tradesmen. Beau has a lot of experience with plumbing and carpentry. I have written in other posts about those experiences. He has also assisted a FedEx driver and a UPS driver by delivering items from those trucks with his mouth. If only he could read better, he would have seen that the packages he removed were addressed to others. When I was three years old, I could not read either.

After John worked on the generator installation, he came to the house to go back to the fusebox. His route required him to come in through the kitchen. The door from the kitchen to the outside opens onto a deck. I accompanied John. On the deck, I noticed a very nice set of pliers with rubber handles. I assume that Beau anticipated that John might need them in the house rather than inconveniently leaving them in the truck parked 100 feet away. I asked John whether those were his pliers. (I did not recognize them and do not usually keep my own tools outside on the deck.) By golly, those were indeed John’s pliers.

Given the help provided by Beau, I am thinking about paying less than the entire bill because John did not do all the work. We deserve credit for supplying an apprentice to help him.

Beau Makes Friends, Or Not


Those readers who have read this blog for awhile are familiar with a certain Yellow Labrador Retriever named Beau because he has been the subject of many posts.  Here we go again.

Today, Sugar pointed out to me a sight she saw while looking out the dining room window.  The sight she shared with me was a view of Beau making friends with two horses who are already friends.  It reminded me of the old saying, “Two is company; three is a crowd.” 

Beau was obviously the “odd man out.”  He does not look like the horses and they noticed that.  You will notice too in the photo above.  

One of the horses was laying down, taking a nap in the sun, I guess.  The other was standing guard, a frequent phenomenom among livestock who are herd animals.  Well, this guard did not do an adequate job.  He allowed Beau to bother the other gelding.  The photo shows just one instant.  I can report that Beau stayed on the task of bothering the two geldings for over fifteen minutes.  He could not take the hint that he was not welcome. 

Should we attribute his cluelessness to supreme confidence or to lack of sensitivity about the feelings of others or does he just enjoy ticking off everyone in his life? 

Uncle of Champions


We just learned that our “jail bird dog,” Beau, whose origins I have described in a post of that name, has a relative who is a champion show dog.

A client of mine, who breeds and shows Labrador Retrievers, informed me with pride that her stud dog won “Best in Show” last weekend.  Then she asked how Beau, who was one of her puppies and came to us by an indirect route from her kennel, was doing.  Those of you who regularly read my blog know how Beau is doing.

I did not have the heart to tell her of my diagnosis of Beau as criminally insane, especially so as not to pour cold water on her big news.  So I changed the subject.

I asked whether Beau is related to the champion show dog.  I was told that Beau’s sire is the grandsire of the newly crowned champion.

So, I calculate that Beau is an uncle of the champ.  I think Beau’s market value just went up.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a used Yellow Lab whose nephew is a really nice dog.  All inquiries will be kept confidential.  (I don’t want Miss Sugar to know of my marketing plan.)

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