Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Cheyenne Social Club

The Single Action Shooting Society, SASS, puts on events, including one in Cheyenne, Wyoming known as Hell on Wheels.  They set up targets in Old West themes like saloons and stage coaches and such.  The competitors dress up in western outfits like from the 1880s.

The firearms are also from that era or replicas.  The competitors use a rifle, pistol and shotgun.  They go through staging areas that require use of each on several targets.  Winners are determined by points for targets hit and time taken.

Judging by appearance, most of the SASS folks look to be retirement age but there are a few young folks such as myself and Miss Sugar.

Check it out.  If you like playing cowboy, you might have some fun.

Home  As you can see, their logo is an accurate depiction of me.  KarenAndAlAtCrossCreekRanch

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5 thoughts on “Cheyenne Social Club

  1. buffalotompeabody on said:

    Yahoo! I would love to mosey around! Love the post! thank you so much for it!

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