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Karma on a Romantic Stroll

We went to church in the pick-up truck so that I could get some hay on the way home. 

Sugar brought her gym bag.  She said that I could drop her off at the gym while I was getting the hay.  Then after church, she changed her mind, as is her right and privilege. 

Sugar said, “Don’t take me to the gym.  It is such a nice day, let’s go for a walk when we get home.”  Where we live, on a ranch, there are many beautiful places to hike without seeing another soul.  (See the About page for a link to photos of the ranch taken by Sugar.)

So when we got home the wind was blowing so hard that we mutually agreed that it would not be pleasant to go for a walk.

Then, an hour or two later, it was still just as windy, yet Sugar determined that we should go for a walk anyway.  So I agreed to go with her (because I have learned it is wise to be compliant).

The dogs were happy to accompany us.  We walked along the river, hoping the trees would block the wind.  They did not.  The dogs ran into the mud and water because they are Labrador Retrievers and that is how they have fun.

Sugar was looking for the owl WHOm (get it?) we have been hearing hoot in the early morning hours.  The wise old owl was staying out of the wind. 

We climbed down into a little area where a rock ledge has caves.  We believe they are coyote dens because there are bones and fur by the openings.  The rocks did not protect us from the wind either. 

As we climbed out to get back up to the path, Sugar suggested that we gather some dead branches for firewood, which, in compliance, I did.  With my arms full of wood, I tripped on a rock or branch, and a normal human being would likely have fallen; however, by a miracle of balance, despite my bum knees, I regained my footing and continued climbing up the steep hillside.

Sugar noticed and felt the need to comment.  She said, “I was thinking that if you fell I would not be able to carry you out, but I would bring you some food every couple of days.” She laughed and laughed.

God has a similar sense of humor. God noticed what Sugar said and decided to teach her a lesson about compassion.  Sugar fell flat on her face.  She banged her shin on a branch and almost struck her teeth on a rock.  She laid there for awhile.  I politely and sincerely inquired about her health.  She told me that she was hurt.

All together now, let us all say what you know I said.  “I will bring you food every couple of days!”  It was really funny.  You should have been there.

Sugar did get up after awhile, gathered her wood, and we limped home.  We would have held hands, but our arms were full of dead branches.

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6 thoughts on “Karma on a Romantic Stroll

  1. OMG. THat is SO funny, but not funny. I hope she’s okay, but wow. Karma indeed. Cannot wait to read what she writes. 🙂

    • Sugar has a bruise on her leg. It could have been worse. I am glad she is okay. But I could have carried her out of there.

      • Indeed. You’ve trained for it, slamming those proteins the day before helped build those awesome muscles, eh?
        I would have paid $100 to see her face when you said that to her though.

  2. almost did not hit the like button 😦

  3. I think you are probably lucky Sugar was hurt … and couldn’t kick you!? Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Always the gentleman, but golly what a zinger ~!~!~!~ Glad neither of you were hurt seriously! The dental work to keep that beautiful smile would have cost you a bundle, and mixing up smoothies and carrying them up/down the hill to the creek would have been a lotta darn work.

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