Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets


I have never admired tattletales, but some things are serious enough to warrant reporting to the proper authorities.  Today I realized that I am obligated under federal law to report my boss, Miss Sugar, to the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) folks.

This morning, as I put out hay for the horses, the wind blew some pieces of hay into my left eye. Very painful! It could have been prevented. I have not researched the OSHA regulations as they apply to feeding livestock on rural properties, but I expect that my boss, Miss Sugar, is obligated to provide me with safety goggles.  Since she did not, I had to make the call. I regret that it has come to this.

I do not know the number for OSHA, but I have the White House on speed-dial. I am confident that President Obama will be very disappointed in Sugar and will use the power of the federal government to impose sanctions on her. There can be no mercy on people like her who exploit farm workers such as myself.

Fortunately for Sugar, the White House switchboard is closed today for Presidents Day. The Wage and Hours Department is closed today too. Sugar has a brief reprieve. She better use today to make the necessary corrections. I do not believe that spousal immunity applies.


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10 thoughts on “Whistleblowing

  1. A liberal blames the boss.
    A conservative recognizes the hazard and takes action to obtain his own safety glasses.

  2. Al and Elizabeth on said:

    THAT is one of the funniest blogs I have read!!
    I’m sure Miss Sugar sets a high standard…………but then she’s a gal that likes to have all her different agenda’s running smoothly. After they talk to Miss Sugar and she tells them in her warm southern ways and explains her defenses………… buddy……..won’t stand a chance!

  3. Sir, I am sorry to hear of your dastardly injury in the workplace. But we know Ms. Sugar does supply goggles and you decided to work without them. And please don’t count on the law to continue as is. I’m sure your president (not mine) will simply change the law with an Executive Order as he feels.

    And rest assured Obamacare will take care of that injury for you.

    Take care, sir.

    • Koji,
      I am not the boss. It is up to the boss to provide for my safety. You write as if you believe that I am responsible for my safety somehow. Sugar bears all responsibility. I was not properly trained. I was not properly equipped. And, I did not tell the whole story — it was cold that day and I was not wearing gloves. They were in my pocket, but Sugar did not tell me to wear them. Clearly, she should have done so. She had a duty to check the temperature. What has this country become? I need to join a union so I can benefit from collective bargaining. I am contacting the NFL Players Association.

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